6 Characteristics of a Stellar Design Team

If design isn’t your thing (hey, the world needs a balance or right-brain and left-brain people) then chances are you’ve teamed up with a design wiz at some point in your business. Working with a creative team to design your website or manage social media can be great. They see things differently than you. They can take your vision and turn it into a beautiful reality.


Like any business relationship, however, there are key characteristics that separate the great design teams from the superb. If you’re looking to contract with a design firm for future creative needs, consider these 6 characteristics. If they demonstrate these, then chances are you’ve landed a rockstar team.

1. They can speak your language

Even though “the business side” and “the creative side” seem worlds apart, they should still speak the same language. Top-notch design teams are able to communicate with businesses effectively about what they want in a project. This means they did their homework and researched your product or service. Like any other area of life, solid communication is key when it comes to executing a stellar design project.

2. They don’t mind going back to the drawing board

Creative projects, more often than not, can be a little ambiguous at times. It’s common for a project to go through several iterations before it’s dubbed complete. Seasoned design teams know this. Once you receive a first draft of your new website, or your updated logo, a few “tweaks” might be needed to take the final product from good to great.

3. They explain the process

Transparency goes a long way when working on something creative. Even though most creative processes may sound like a foreign language, it’s important that teams keep you cued in on what’s going on every step of the way. This means giving project updates and explanations on where they are in the process. That way, if any speed bumps arise, everyone is on the same page on how those will affect the project’s timeline.

4. They can take honest feedback

Aka, they won’t get their feelings hurt if you request a change. Creative projects are all about honest feedback and collaboration. This doesn’t mean you should dig a design into the dirt and spit on it (that’s a little harsh!) but it does mean you should feel free to give your honest opinion without fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

5. They get excited

If a design team truly loves what they do, chances are they’ll get stoked when they first start working on a project — especially if it’s a challenge. At the end of the day, your success is their success — so they should revel in the fact that they’re giving 100 percent to make sure the project is superb.

6. They value your product

If the design team you’re working with values your product, chances are they’ll go above and beyond to make sure it’s shown in the best light. This means taking the time to understand how your product or service operates and how it should be communicated to customers. Before you begin any project, it’s important to go over what your company does. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page.