5 [Free] Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About

Creating a snazzy social media feed can be costly. So many apps and websites


tout quick results and easy functionality. But, your bank account can take a nasty hit in the process. Before shelling out cash to make your feed the latest and greatest, consider scoping out what’s available for free.

These five social media tools come at no cost and can instantly enhance your social media management.

1. Canva

If you’re looking to up your Instagram game or add some color to your Facebook posts, then bookmark Canva right now. This easy to use resource allows you to create engaging graphics that are sized perfectly for a number of social media platforms.

2. The Noun Project

Need some simple icons? The Noun Project offers millions of variations of icons that you can use in your marketing. Plus, their site is super easy to navigate. All you have to do is search for whatever icon you need and voila, options abound.

3. Creative Market

For the slightly savvier social media marketer, Creative Market offers a world of resources. Logos, high-res photos, InDesign files, templates — everything you can ever imaging is located in this creative hub. And while using creative market is free, items must be purchased. By adjusting your price limit, however, you can get resources at a price that meets your budget.

4. Bit.ly

This is a tweeter’s dream. If you want to include a link (but only have 140 sacred characters), then use bit.ly to shorten it. Bit.ly also offers analytics for links, allowing you to see how many people have clicked on your link.


Another time-saving tool, IFTT (if this then that) allows social media marketers to automatically send posts to other social media platforms. So, as an example, if you post on Instagram, your photo can automatically post to Facebook without you having to lift a finger.