How to Create YouTube Ads: Beginner’s Guide

create youtube ads

If you’ve seen YouTube ads in action, you might be asking yourself, “are they worth the investment?” The short answer is yes! YouTube Advertising is actually relatively inexpensive for small businesses, and the cost might surprise you. We’re going to break down the basics in advertising costs, the different types of YouTube ads available, and […]

Do Google Reviews Impact Your SEO?  

google reviews

Do Google reviews impact your SEO? The short answer is, YES! They absolutely do. Let’s be honest, getting reviews can be a lot of work. Getting someone to take the time to write a positive review requires effort some businesses don’t feel like they have the time for. With so many other things to worry about it can […]

The Basics of Omnipresent Marketing

omnipresent marketing

Omnipresent marketing means meeting your customers where they are across the mediums and platforms they’re on. This includes social media, retail stores, and online in general.  This particular type of marketing is best suited for retailers especially, although it is beneficial for multiple markets. Customers today expect instant gratification and for brands to be there […]