Your 2018 Marketing Checklist

It’s officially the season for resolutions. With a new year comes new goals. As marketers look to 2018, we have no doubt that plenty new strategy and tech updates are in store. These are a few checklist items, however, that can be applied and scaled for almost any marketing agency. Get your notebook out and get ready to tackle 2018!

1. Evaluate current projects

The start of a New Year provides us with a great opportunity to take stock of our current projects and ask ourselves A.) if they’re working and B.) do they have a future in the New Year. Take into account obvious factors, like ROI, but also consider marketing trends and if your projects are in line with where the marketing world is headed in 2018.

2. List out goals for the New Year

This is a biggie. Now is the time to map out what you want to achieve in the new year. Making a list of realistic goals can fuel you throughout 2018 — giving you a specific reason to work hard to reach all your goals.

3. Audit your strategy

What’s working and what’s wasting your time? The new year gives you a fresh slate — and the opportunity to evaluate your strategies. Crunch the numbers and see what can be tossed in the new year, freeing up space for new strategies that could bring in more money.

4. Confirm campaign dates

Few things are more satisfying for marketers than having a full calendar of campaigns for the year ahead. If you haven’t already, now is the time to get your team together and confirm all upcoming campaigns.

5. Create a customer retention plan

What are you doing in the new year to let your customers know you care? Retention is just as important as acquisition. Make sure to give your current customers a reason to stay with you in the new year by creating some kind of customer retention plan.