Health Check - FOM to the RescueA free, no obligation health check can do wonders for your business!  We perform an extensive analysis of your Internet presence and get a pulse of where your business stands. Are you healthy or about to flat line right in front of us? No need to worry, we will always be there to save you!  We analyze the information specific to your business and come up with a customized plan just for you.

We start by checking your website to see if you have the proper platform for Internet marketing.  If Google and the other search engines can not find and index your website, you will be fighting a losing battle.  We scan your site to check for SEO presence and the current value or strength of the website you already have in place.  It is also very important to have quality content on each page that is relevant to your business.

Next, we move on to social media.  Search Engines, like Google place a strong emphasis on your social media engagement so it is very important to know how your business fairs in that arena.  All sites must be filled out optimally and used to attract and maintain new customers.

One of the last steps in completing the health check is to analyze your competition to see how they approach Internet marketing.  We have to know how your business stacks up to others that are comparable in your category.  This analysis gives us a great place to start when devising a solution for you.  Contact us for your free no obligation business health check today.