Check Your Business

Our visibility scan tool provides insight on how your business appears across multiple directories and search engines. It identifies any critical errors in your NAP (name, address, phone number), and highlights any missing or inaccurate citations that are hurting your listing.  In short, this tool thoroughly checks how your business is represented online provides a detailed report on whether or not your business is optimized for local search.

Find out instantly how your business information appears across the internet by running our free scan tool now.

NAP – Name, Address and Phone Number

One of the major issues we find with companies optimizing their own digital footprint on the internet is NAP. So, what is NAP? No, we are not talking about something you do on a Sunday afternoon. In the Digital Marketing world, NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone number.

The key to NAP is to make sure that all of the listings you put on the Internet have the exact same information and format for those 3 items. Think of the internet as a 2-year-old. It gets confused very easily and just imagine how confused that 2-year-old would get if you told them you have 3 different names. The same logic applies to your business on the Internet and how the search engines identify you. For example, you could list your business name with LLC or without LLC, or your address could be listed with Drive spelled out in one place and abbreviated as Dr. in another. If the search engines, and the Internet in general, can’t figure out who your business is because of such inconsistencies, you will not be given any preferential treatment over your competitors.

Simple Scan of Your Business

How do you know if your business is confusing to the search engines and if your NAP is the best it can be? No worries. We have provided you with a tool that can do a sample scan of the internet to see how your business looks. It will ask for some basic information to perform the scan, and you will be able to see your results quickly. A report will be e-mailed to you for your keeping.

Don’t Worry

Don’t worry if the results are not perfect, because you will have the option to find out how to fix them. Simply click on the button and fill out your info and one of our Digital Marketing Specialists can set up a call to tell you the steps needed correct everything.