Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords or PPC (pay per click) a fit for My Business?

Google offers PPC (pay per click) advertising through their Adwords program. If done correctly, it can give your business instant Internet traffic. Through a Google Adwords campaign, you control the flow of traffic and you only pay for traffic that arrives at your website.

The difficult part of an effective Google Adwords campaign is to make sure you are targeting the right keywords for your business without it costing you more than your budget allows. At Fusion One Marketing, we have the knowledge and tools to make sure you get the best opportunity for the best cost per month.

We do all the keyword investigation and analyze your PPC competition up front so we can develop a customized program that will work for you. Over the years we have learned which types of phrases people search when they are looking to buy and what will give you the biggest return on investment.

We can professionally develop, implement and manage a successful Google Adwords campaign tailored just for your business. We will work month to month, with no contract to maximize your PPC investment to get your phone ringing with new customers.

In addition to set up and management, we will make sure that all clicks and sales are tracking correctly. With this knowledge you will know exactly which keywords and messaging works best for you.

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